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With time everyone's home gets cluttered with stuff they’ve accumulated. Perhaps, you’ve moved in with your partner and have two of everything. Then there’s that ugly green ornament that your Aunt Mary gave you and you’ve never dared throw away in case she comes around to visit. 

Clutter can come from any and everywhere and it's sometimes great just to have a clear out - it can make you feel better and improve the quality of your homelife.

When you go through a decluttering exercise you should try to get rid of most things to people who will use them either by selling, or passing on to people you know or charity shops. After that there will still be some stuff you think you should keep just in case or as an investment for the future.

Shire personal self-storage is a perfect solution for these belongings, we have a good range of options so that you only need rent the space you need.

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OUR Top Decluttering FAQs

Do you have any tips that can help me avoid paying for storage on stuff I’ve decluttered that I’ll not need again?

We always recommend that you bring along packing tape and a permanent marker when you come to your storage unit (if you don’t have any we sell them at reception). Then when you put things into store seal the box and write the date on the label, then each time you open the box write the date on the seal. Decide how long you want to keep things if you don’t use them and then be ruthless. If a box hasn’t been opened you know you should take it down to the charity shop or get on eBay.

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Do you have any advice that can help me manage my store effectively?

We recommend you put everything into numbered boxes, Keep a clipboard in the unit with a sheet of paper listing what’s in each box. Then when you want to get something out you can simply look through the clipboard sheets and find what you need without opening every box.

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How should I decide what to declutter?

Japanese decluttering expert Marie Kondo suggests you should look at every object in your home and consider if it sparks joy in your heart. If it doesn’t you should get rid of it. 
If you’re not strong enough for that the alternative is to put your joyless items into store until you next need them. British practicality meets Japanese Zen.

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